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5-Year Overview

Aurubis Group (IFRS)

Revenues 1€m18,52116,30012,42911,89711,694
EBITDA 1€m1,1481,049585415502
Operating EBITDA 2€m753593415359462
EBIT 1€m928830376275369
Operating EBIT 2€m533394223208332
EBT 1€m935825367264368
Operating EBT 2, 3€m532381221192329
Consolidated net income 1€m715613265193294
Operating consolidated net income 2€m433284167138265
Net cash flow€m288812459272203
Capital expenditure€m362256237224182
Operating ROCE 3%
Consolidated statement of financial position      
Total assets€m7,4476,6135,5344,5354,503
Fixed assets€m2,0691,9581,9041,5601,528
Depreciation and amortization€m220219210140133
Aurubis shares      
Market capitalization€m2,4272,9392,6141,8382,708
Earnings per share16.3714.035.954.286.52
Operating earnings per share 29.916.513.733.085.87
Dividend per share 41.801.601.301.251.55
1 The data, in so far at it refers to the consolidated income statement, relates to continued activities.
 2 Explanations concerning how the “operating” values were derived are available in the section Financial performance, assets, liabilities, and financial position of Aurubis AG.
 3 Corporate control parameter.
 4 The 2021/22 figure represents the proposed dividend.